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Hubs | Seals | Studs | Nuts

Hubs also known as the motor of the wheel is the part that drives the wheel directly. Over time it will become worn out. Make sure you are safe driving down the road by having the team of certified technicians at  Parker Automotive Service Center replace your worn out hubs today.

Seals play many vital roles such as keeping bearings free of contaminants and keeping lubrication where it needs to be. Having worn out or warped seals can lead to failure within the bearing unit of the vehicle.

Studs are what hold the wheels onto your vehicle. With these being permanently mounted on the wheel hub through the brake disk or the vehicle’s brake drum. Having stripped studs is extremely dangerous when driving out on the trails or out on the road in general. Parker Automotive Service Center is here to inspect your wheel studs and if needed replace them with high quality ones.

Wheel/ Lug nuts are what secures the wheel to the vehicle's hub. Having a worn out wheel/lug nut means that your wheel is NOT securely fastened and this can be extremely dangerous.Have your wheel/lug nuts replaced and securely fastened by one of our certified technicians here at  Parker Automotive Service Center.

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