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Cylinder Block

When it comes to the powerhouse of your vehicle, the cylinder block is designed to be extremely strong and sturdy. The cylinder block houses the cylinders, gaskets, valves and seals inside the crankcase which is cooled. Yes! The cylinder block is strong but it can still fail which can lead to your vehicle not starting. Some of the main issues with the cylinder block is core plug, a freeze plug failure and cracking of the block.

Cylinder Head

The cylinder head is super important in forming the combustion chamber. The cylinder head helps with the airflow in and out of the vehicle's engine. Without proper compression , it’s difficult to drive your vehicle.  Since it is located within the engine block, it is imperative to have a certified technician work on this area of your vehicle. Parker Automotive Service Center’s cylinder head and reconditioning specialist are here to answer any questions you may have.

Engine Maintenance

When it comes to giving your vehicle’s engine the longest lifespan possible Parker Automotive Service Center is here with a fully optimized engine maintenance routine program to ensure that happens. Just like all other parts in your vehicle, the engine needs to be properly maintained and although they aren’t built to last forever we are here to make sure that we give it the longest life possible.

Engine Repair and Rebuild

Over the years your vehicle’s engine will eventually start breaking as it ages. There are options to bringing your vehicle back to its former glory avoiding the hefty investment of a new vehicle. Having your rebuilt, parts resurfaced or having it replaced are options available and here at Parker Automotive Service Center is here to help you through this often stressful situation, we have a team of the best certified technicians, various solutions and even options to finance this project for you vehicle.

Engine Replacement

Having your engine replaced is a wonderful option when you're in a bind to purchase a brand new vehicle. It’s a lesser investment and when you have a team of certified mechanics that have well over 20 years of experience , timing, quality and professionalism are set to exceed expectations here at Parker Automotive Service Center.

Timing Belt

The timing belt in your vehicle is super important to opening and closing your engine’s valves at the correct time in order to keep your vehicle running properly. It’s function is to keep the camshaft and crankshaft rotation in perfect sync. As in all the recommended maintenance and routine checkups, we recommend that you read up on your vehicle manufacturer's manual or reach out to us and have one of our certified technicians answer any questions you may have.

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