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 Why coolant flushes are so important in Tucson,AZ 

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Living in Tucson, Arizona...having your coolant system i working order is super important. The coolant system transfers the heat from the engine. With time coolant becomes old and dirty and having old coolant will negatively impact the system's performance which can lead to overheating and damage to the radiator.

You should have your coolant flushed about every 30,000-40,000 miles but always reference your owner's manual for the best recommendation. Schedule your routine coolant flush today with the Parker Automotive Service Center. Call (520) 323-1960

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Antifreeze: Winter vs Summer

Why is antifreeze important all year long?

Antifreeze is super imperative during the colder months during the year because it helps lower the freezing point the water. A frozen cooling systems can cause break downs.

Antifreeze is especially important in a desert environment like ours in Tucson, AZ. Antifreeze raises the boiling point of your vehicle's coolant system which prevents overheating. It also helps protect your engine from corrosion and prevents scale build up.