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Car AC reapair in Tucson

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Get your vehicle ready for the summer heat!

Here at Parker Automotive Service Center we want you to be comfortable this summer while driving in our hundred degree+ weather that's already here. You DON'T want to get caught having to roll your windows down, please use this complementary AC service check up, we will inspect your full system and measure how much Freon your vehicle has in it's system. We then inject an oil/dye to help Lubricate and provide a way to detect leaks later down the road if any arise. We also replace both Schrader port valves ensuring there's no possible leads. If your vehicle needs more than 8 ounces of Freon additional charges will be added and cannot be combined with any other discounts. Additional taxes, fees and restrictions may apply. The cost is $145 plus taxes and fees

Can't pay or your car's AC repairs? No worries we have you covered with our financing option. We will get you out back on the road in no time at all!

The importance of maintaining your AC system!


Red Flags that your AC system may have issues;

  • The air blowing when you you turn on your AC isn’t cold
  • The air that blows from your system has a weird smell
  • Your heater isn’t working 
  • Your defroster isn’t functional
  • Your AC system and heater system only works while you're driving
  • Your fan settings don’t change the same amount of airflow blows out regardless of setting

Does your AC need to be serviced?

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