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The main reason why vehicle manufacturers recommend doing a brake system flush every 30,000-40,000 miles is because over time the brake system becomes corrosive due to brake fluid absorbing moisture from the air. Here are some Red Flags that you you should keep aware of when it comes to your vehicle requiring immediate attention;

  • Random pulsations
  • Unfamiliar noises when braking
  • The distance it takes to stop becoming longer

Waiting for minor brake problems can turn into bigger problems later down the road. Maintenance is a key component to ensuring any system in your vehicle is up to par. Don’t wait to have your brake system flushed here in Tucson,AZ by the best automotive service center.

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 When it comes to safety, your brake system plays a huge role on the road!

A brake system failure  is often one of those things that drivers wait until it’s too late situations. There are many variables that may have an impact on the overall functionality of your brake system. Some of these variables include

  • Driving Habits
  • Environmental Factors
  • Age of the system 
  • Time gone without routine maintenance such as a brake system flush

If you want to preserve the condition and performance of your vehicle’s  brake system, ensure that you are performing routine brake fluid flushes, replacing your vehicle's brake pads and resurfacing the rotors. Always make sure to read your vehicle manufacture manual for best recommended routine maintenance protocols and guidelines

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