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All wheel Alignments 

All wheel alignments preformed here at Parker Automotive Service Center are preformed by Hunter engineering factory trained, O.E.M. factory trained and A.S.E. certified alignment technicians. We offer the highest quality wheel alignment with our state of the art laser alignment machine. From your Honda Civic to your Ford F-250. We can handle all your wheel alignment needs all here in house. Have you noticed your vehicle pulling to one side or uneven tread wear. We are here to help and we have the correct tool and knowledge to get your vehicle safely back on the road.

Taking care of a vital service such as alignment will help protect your tires for as long as the rubber holds. Even normal driving conditions will cause your alignment to become out of adjustment. The rough roads we experience here in Tucson, Az we have learned that one to two alignments a year maybe needed. Here at Parker Automotive Service
Center always will complete and alignment sweep of your vehicle every time we service your vehicle.

Every technician is trained to look for these issues after there test drive and inspection.
• Tire tread worn excessively or unevenly
• Front end steering components feels “light” or loose feeling, slow responses to driver input
• Vehicle fails to drive in straight line or Steering is off “Center”
• Vehicle feels like it wonders on driving surface

Having your wheels alignment will restore the factory feel and performance of your vehicle. This will help your over all driving experience and restore fuel economy back to your vehicle’s life.

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